Linked Data – #DevCSI hackdays

After a cracking mobile web event in November, DevCSI followed this up with a couple of Linked Data hackdays at the ILRT in Bristol last week.

As a novice in Linked Data, it was great to learn something from the experts in this field. I leant the basics to SPARQL from Andy Seaborne, and Graham Klyne showed us how to set up a Fuseki server – and how to run Fuseki from the command line.  Thanks, guys for your time and your help.

We worked with datasets published on the wiki by other team members. The wiki has more information on the workshop teams and development ideas.

We also discussed tools and frameworks. Christopher Gutteridge has written a great tool called Grinder which converts CVS and XLS files to RDF (Resource Description Framework). Grinder is of great value to anyone who wishes to get data into RDF ready in a matter of minutes. I got a demo and a copy of Grider up and running too. I hope that Christopher manages to find the time to publish the ins and outs of this great tool.

Team members also suggested Google refine, which is a tool that enables data transformation and can help to get you started on getting data RDF ready. More tools are highlighted on the wiki.

We also heard about from Libby Miller – the linked data research project that aims to connect TV content and the Web through Linked Open Data.

Hugh Glaser created the valuable <sameAs> service which helps you to find co-references between different data sets. Hugh’s Consuming Linked Data services lighting talk.

This is only a snapshot of an intense but enjoyable two days with a bunch of geeks that love to share and collaborate.

Special thanks to Mahendra Mahey and Nikki Rogers.