Spring is in the air

Only a couple of days before Spring officially begins, but I have been busy doing some Spring cleaning on my own website. After a week of development and still work in progress, here is the new look.

I can now enjoy a week of sunshine (according to the met office) and look forward to the Big M and openMIC at this week’s Bath Digital Festival. Follow @BathDigital


Feeling the Autumn chill

The holidays are officially over, the children are back to school and we’re left with great memories  from our lovely holidays in Cornwall – one of my favourite places in England.

Back at my desk with loads of work to look forward to. Plenty of WordPress development for a couple of clients, which I will share as soon as I can, and some new exciting mobile web ideas to implement in the next few months.

I feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that I still need to read and catch up with. I’m still trying to figure out what is the most efficient way to do so. I definitely need to keep my notes a little tidier to be able to share them more regularly here.

In the meantime, I’ll keep that blue sky as my screensaver until the Autumn officially arrives.

Swine flu is the enemy not Mexico

Five days ago I returned from a wonderful family holiday to Mexico, only to be given a wide berth by people here who are scared about catching swine flu. Fortunately, none of us are remotely showing any signs of it.


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Salt and lemon

I’ve been busy updating my blog. I thought I’d go for the full screen width this time and make use of the space. I will be adding more widgets over the coming days and weeks.

Why salt and lemon? Well, several things really… salt and lemon as in ‘margarita’, and Margarita happens to be my second name (although I never use it… till now!). In Mexico, we like adding salt and lemon to our fruit, like jícama, mangoes, cucumber, pineapple, and papaya.

Actually, we add salt and lemon (and a sprinkling of chilli) to pretty much everything! Yum!


I was invited to the monthly meetings of the BristolSkillSwap to hear Joe Leech speak about usability. It was a very enjoyable talk with plenty of laughs. A good opportunity to say hello to a few people I’ve met through Steve’s work, and a good excuse to go out in the evening without a nappy bag!