Twitter tags

I have just listened to the co-founder of Twitter on TED and I was fascinated to hear about how twitter has evolved from the original idea and how people have invented new ways of organising and getting their messages across.

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Cheap doesn’t have to mean cheerless

I often hear business owners talk about the frustration of dealing with their web agency. More often than not, it’ll be about a small edit they want to make to their existing website, and how it can often be both costly and inflexible.

Now WordPress is a blogging platform which offers powerful CMS capabilities. You no longer need to ask your web agency to correct the spelling mistake you made! Nor do you need to ask them to upload the photo you emailed to them yesterday.


I have been using WordPress as both a blogging platform for small businesses, and for owners of small websites who need the CMS capabilities and the social elements that a blogging platform offers. Combining both can create a powerful web solution that in the past would have been an expensive business.

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Who needs a website when you can have a blog

Over the years I’ve helped businesses develop their web presence. Building websites, e-commerce sites, adding functionality and helping them to understand how the web works. Continue reading

10 web tools for effective working

I remember the old days (circa 1997) when I only used a handful of online tools: a web browser, email client and instant messenger. My life has changed considerably over the last decade and the number of online applications that have the potential to make our jobs easier has multiplied a hundred times.

I thought I’d share with you the Top 10 applications that help me get stuff done:

  1. Gmail – This has to be my favourite application. You can synchronize it with your current desktop application and manage your email efficiently.
  2. Instant messaging – I use both instant messenger to talk to my PC-based friends and Google Talk for the rest.
  3. – Bookmarking could not be easier. You can tag your bookmarks, search for similar topics and share them with others.
  4. RSS feed reader – I use both Google Reader and NetNewsWire (For Mac users). This is the best way to keep up with all the interesting news around the webasphere.
  5. Twitter – It has to rank in the top 5 as I use it all the time for finding out about interesting things, sharing links and thoughts with the people I decide to follow.
  6. Dropbox – Neat little app which is great for storing your files online, sycning them and and for sharing easily.
  7. Paypal – The set up process can sometimes be a little painful, but it’s worth it. Once set up and up and running, it’s a secure service for managing money matters.
  8. LinkedIn – Connections, connections, connections… an essential tool for your business contacts.
  9. Huddle – A project management and online collaboration tool. And UK-based!
  10. Google maps – my A-Z is now gathering dust on the shelf.
What would you add to this list?