WordPress for businesses

Lately, I have been developing blogs and web sites using the WordPress open source platform. My clients love the easy to use back end admin interface where they can make any updates they wish without having to rely on a technical person to help them.

Most of the projects I have worked on have been carefully customised, and for any clients new to WordPress, I offer a couple of hours training where they can get comfortable with uploading their own graphics, videos, audio and other content.

Mobile web development

The Mobile web is still in its infancy but we are already seeing a huge explosion of mobile web sites taking advantage of  the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. The challenge is to to provide the target audience an enjoyable mobile web experience and not a desktop website on a small scale.

If you are wondering whether to have a mobile app or a mobile web application, please get in touch.

Not just another WordPress blog

‘Another WordPress blog’ is the default description you get when installing WordPress. Maybe it’s a word of warning, as it can so easily became just ‘another blog’.

I’m pleased to have launched not-just-another-blog this week, for Signscape. This is a local SME to me here in north Somerset. They’re a key player in the business of sign-making. Most of their staff are very motivated individuals with a passion for signs, and other things besides, like mountain biking, kite surfing, gardening and pilates.

Signscape were keen to talk about their passions and communicate in a more authentic way with their customers, and I suggested they start blogging. Hamish, the MD, has been very keen on the idea for a couple of months and has successfully sold the idea to the rest of his team.

When clients like Signscape realise the potential of blogs and how they can have an impact on their bottom line, it makes the entire development process very straightforward and satisfying. I wish them fruitful blogging ahead.