Cheap doesn’t have to mean cheerless

I often hear business owners talk about the frustration of dealing with their web agency. More often than not, it’ll be about a small edit they want to make to their existing website, and how it can often be both costly and inflexible.

Now WordPress is a blogging platform which offers powerful CMS capabilities. You no longer need to ask your web agency to correct the spelling mistake you made! Nor do you need to ask them to upload the photo you emailed to them yesterday.


I have been using WordPress as both a blogging platform for small businesses, and for owners of small websites who need the CMS capabilities and the social elements that a blogging platform offers. Combining both can create a powerful web solution that in the past would have been an expensive business.

WordPress is open source software, which means that you can use the software for free and customise it to your needs. Small businesses who require only a handful of web pages do not need to employ a costly web agency.

It’s a good idea to browse through some of the blogs hosted in to give you an idea of the features that WordPress offers.

Have a peek at WordPress CMS:

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