CSS 10th anniversary

Ten years ago I started exploring CSS. A year later, I was lucky to put it all into practice on the most commercial site I’ve ever worked on, Microsoft Expedia UK. CSS continues to be strong and as many designers will agree, is the best way to make websites come to life.

There is still a way to go as Håkon Wium Lie (the co-authors of that original document recommendation) explains in his A List Apart article CSS @ Ten: The Next Big Thing.

It’s great to know that the web fonts are back! We need web fonts to enhance user experience and bring on the next generation of websites.

The W3C produced a brief history (on the actual birthday – 17th December 2006) on what has been achieved over the last decade.

One thought on “CSS 10th anniversary

  1. Congratulations Gicela, you reached double figures! Agreed regarding Web fonts. It’s exciting but to be able to choose outside of the default font sets might be cause for serious prevarication. I can just see it now: My angst over exactly which particular letterform to use to reinforce the message

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