My first impressions of Fennec – Mozilla’s mobile browser

Just like the desktop ‘browser wars’ back in the early 90’s, the mobile browser war is hotting up.

Mozilla has just announced the Beta of its mobile browser Fennec. Judging from the demo video, I can see they have migrated some of the familiar features of the Firefox desktop browser… but I’m yet to be totally convinced that this will become the mobile browser of choice.

About Fennec

I like the fact that I am able to concentrate on the content while hiding the browser controls, but some of the features – such as the Add-Ons – don’t look too mobile-friendly to me.  I think the plug-ins might work better as apps that bring a set of new mobile applications through the browser. Granted, these are early days in the mobile browser’s development.

A great feature is to be able to send your search to your preferred site – via Yahoo, Google, or Wikipedia. Other search engines will become available over time.

I would like to see mobile-friendly websites, rather than the desktop versions in the demo.

No more broken Flash icons as Fennec supports Flash. There is easy access to the tab controls – a nice feature to bring in on the mobile.

I’m also wondering how many people will choose to switch to a second browser and ditch the manufacturer’s own.

If I do decide to go with Fennec, it will need to be available for my Android-powered phone which means it will be a while before I can check it out properly 🙂

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