Mobile web with MyMobileBristol

On the 27th October I attended a one day workshop organised by MyMobileBristol and DevCSI. It was a great opportunity to learn something about these two great projects. Good to learn that they have both now received confirmation of funding for another year.

MyMobileBristol has developed a mobile web app which provides students with time and location-based data. I actually got an opportunity to use the Live Bus Departures app on the day of the event.

Other projects demonstrated on the day included Mobile Oxford, which is a great example of a mobile web app and Loughborough University’s use of Mobile Web OSP.

John Gallant, who runs Position is Everything, was able to join us virtually from Phoenix, Arizona to share some CSS tips.

And last but not least, Phil Archer from W3C, reminded us of Mobile Web Best Practices.

Thank you to Mymobilebristol and DevCSI for time very well spent.

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