Mozilla Festival 2012

Time to reflect on what was a very inspiring couple of days at #mozfest, the Mozilla Festival that took place in the beautiful Ravensbourne College building in London. Packed full with sessions to make you experiment, build, extend, create, and collaborate.

I played with Zeega, a tool to create your own stories by combining photos, videos, audio and text from around the web, or indeed your own. It is about bringing your story to life. Still in Alpha, but you can ask for an invitation and start creating your very own stories to share.

Having used Scratch with the Raspberry Pi, I was very keen to see the new features of Scratch 2.0 We were all blown away with the new sensor scripts, which use the camera and sound for more fun! Hopefully it won’t be too long before Scratch 2.0 is more widely available. It will be worth the wait.

I was great to hear about Mozilla badges, a way to reward your commitment by giving you badges as you create new things with Mozilla Webmaker tools. These badges can then be shared with people you know. As an educator, you can issue badges and create your own to help your students feel proud of what they have achieved.

I was gutted to have missed the Makey Makey demo, but I will be ordering one soon to show at my daughters’ primary school.

I had my share of popcorn too… as Popcorn Maker was officially launched at #mozfest.

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