On my radar: #html5 #mobileweb

Technology moves fast and this week I’ve been madly busy, but here are some of the tidbits that piqued my interest recently…

  1. Microsoft ditches .NET for HTML5 – watch the video
  2. Microsoft updates to Bing mobile are supported in Android, iPhone and RIM but not Windows Phone 7. Read the full story.
  3. The FT launched an HTML5 web app, which according to the NYT was created to bypass the App Store.
  4. Can the web and mobile help the planet? Yes, according to Katie Fehrenbacher from earth2tech. Full story.
  5. The Mobile browser share Q12011.
  6. HTML5 vs Native: The Mobile App Debate continues.
  7. A brief tour of  Apple OS5 and this piece about Apple’s iCloud.

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