Seth says: start a tribe

Seth Godin talks a lot of sense about Tribes. People who disagree with the status quo and decide they want to change things. Godin persuades us to tell a story, connect to a tribe, lead a movement and make a change. 

Examples of tribes range from Al Gore: an Inconvenient Truth to the iPhone hackers. All with the same purpose of people connecting with each other.


After listening to Seth Godin: Why tribes, not money or factories, will change the world I realised that throughout my life I’ve always challenged things quietly and never done anything about it. I think it’s about time I did something.

We can’t all be leaders, but we can join a tribe to which we feel connected. According to Godin, you don’t need to be born a leader to start a tribe but if you find yourself disagreeing with something, then there is now an opportunity for you to start a movement and it only takes 24hrs!

More examples of tribes: Free tribes e-book

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