Swine flu is the enemy not Mexico

Five days ago I returned from a wonderful family holiday to Mexico, only to be given a wide berth by people here who are scared about catching swine flu. Fortunately, none of us are remotely showing any signs of it.


It’s a very unfortunate event I sense has people downgrading Mexico again and re-labelling it a “third world” country. While it is true there is inequality in Mexico, when it comes to combatting something like this new virus, everyone should be treated consistently. Mexico hasn’t got the contingencies nor stockpiled drugs like we have in Europe; those struck down in a remote village in Mexico find their chances of survival compromised.

But during my visit to Queretaro, I was very impressed with the state government’s provision for the elderly, and for fighting poverty. It’s rather a beacon state to be copied by others in the country. Now is the time for people to pull together and for the world to show solidarity with Mexico, rather than seek to isolate her.

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