The Big M – #BigMConf

I attended The Big M mobile event on 21st and 22nd March in the beautiful city of Bath. It was refreshing to see an event of this kind outside London.  @bookmeister and @m1ke_ellis put together a terrific line up of speakers.

The highlight for me was @aral‘s talk on Beyond Usability on Mobile. Aral’s passion for designing usable experiences goes deep into his soul and  his ability to transmit this to his audience made it a joy to experience. Aral is also known for his Feathers App.

@raamthakrar spelt out the importance of App Distribution and Monetisation and how developers’ hard work should earn better financial rewards (but not like the bankers!).

@Ew4n caused some controversy and debate among the audience with his State of the Union Mobile Address! At one point he sounded like a toddler, “I want an App and I want it NOW”!  I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking it. Look at the evidence.

Still slightly jetlaged from SXSW, @brucel mainly told us about HTML5, the One Web and mobile best practices.

@pgolding told us about Future Mobile Innovations.

@wordbeard created some fantastic sketches that summarise The BigM Day

As always, it was great to catch up with familiar faces and meet new ones. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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