Who needs a website when you can have a blog

Over the years I’ve helped businesses develop their web presence. Building websites, e-commerce sites, adding functionality and helping them to understand how the web works.

Many just wanted a website that was ‘SEO-ready’ to take them to the top page in Google search. A website that represented what their business was about; a brochure site!

If you ‘hide’ behind your corporate website and wait for your web agency to make suggestions on how to improve it, you need to think again.

Having a web site is no longer enough. Communicating and engaging with your customers inside and outside your website is what you need to do now. If the only way to engage you or your business is via an online form, you also need to think again.

blog is the perfect medium to express yourself in a more conversational way. A blog allows you to write short snippets of text which can help you to reflect the ‘real’ you. You can write about the things you and your business care about and begin a conversation with your customers and your potential customers.

Some of your customers would like to get to know you better, and a blog has the informality we need to make it happen. It couldn’t be simpler, and it’s free.

If you are already blogging or are thinking about it, you should view this 87-second video clip.

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