WordPress 2.5.1 upgrade

It was time to sit down and concentrate on the inevitable WordPress upgrade. I always have to dedicate a couple of hours to this task, to allow time for any fixes.

I was looking forward to the upgrade as I knew that there’s been a facelift to the 2.5 interface but my first problem was encountered when I was just about to hit the ‘upgrade wordpress’ link and read the message:

‘Database Upgrade Required
Your WordPress database is out-of-date, and must be upgraded before you can continue.’

Followed by the link ‘Update WordPress’

My database is out of date? Does this mean I’m not running the required version of mySQL? This confusion meant that I couldn’t carry on with the upgrade straightaway. A message to my hosting provider and to the WordPress forum and a couple of hours later I was up and running.

The problem was to do with the wording of the message. ‘Your database will be upgraded now…’ or ‘Your database is out of date but you nearly there, just follow the link ‘upgrade wordpress” would have been much clearer. Usability confusion.

Next time I upgrade I will know what it means!

One thought on “WordPress 2.5.1 upgrade

  1. Hola paisana, a mí me pasó lo mismo y gracias a tu blog pude darme cuenta que la solución estaba en darle click al botón… Muchas gracias!

    Y por cierto, los colores y título me atraparon y leí algo de tu historia y no puedo decirte más que, eres un orgullo mexicano.

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