WordPress and Mexican Silver

There’s more to WordPress than blogging. It has become a great CMS platform for non-techies and web developers. The fact that you can extend it as much as you like, makes it a candidate platform for any project.

I recently decided to create an e-commerce site for one of my passions: Mexican Silver Jewellery. I wanted to build something very simple and easy to navigate for the customer. I know it can take a few weeks to get something up and running from scratch, so as my time was limited and I needed to create the content for the site, I decided to use the twenty twelve WordPress theme, which I love. I prefer simplicity over heavy design and the twenty twelve theme doesn’t disappoint. It has everything I need.

It was just a matter of finding the right plugin for the shop. I opted for JigoShop, as it has been recommended to me in the past. Once I started adding products, I realised how well developed the plugin is. Although I did spend many hours entering products and searching for answers to the questions I had – I was grateful for the documentation.

One of the most time consuming parts was getting the SSL to work. I decided to make the entire site secure, as JigoShop only has one page that can be made secure – the ‘checkout’ page. This was an issue for me, as I wanted to make sure customers felt confident creating an account and going back to the site anytime and be able to update their profile securely.

As I already had a Paypal account, I got the transactions working nicely. Although I did have some issues with Paypal sandbox and in the end I was forced to make a live transaction during the development process.

I’m very pleased with the result… now all I need are customers!

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